Author: Jonathan Bentz

Prioritizing Constraints On Your Project

Prioritizing Your Internet Marketing Constraints Prior to the holidays I wrote a blog post discussing how you can help your internet marketing firm help you (“The Theory Of Constraints“). Remember, the vast majority of projects fail – particularly in the technology field – so it’s important to be diligent in doing everything we can to improve the chances of success. The Triple Constraints: A Quick Review Picture a triangle. Now remember that all projects have three core components that can each be visualized as a side of the triangle: scope (the work to be completed), cost, and time to...

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3 Golden Rules of SEO (for the Tech)

We find, more often than not, that the people who develop business websites and web applications do not understand the basic principals of search engine optimization. Even if they do understand, they may not care, or may not find it to be an important enough part of the project, deciding to just worry about it later. It is much easier to consider these tactics during the process of the project rather then trying to modify it after the fact. For all the tech’s out there, I’d like to offer my 3 golden rules of SEO: Do right to Google,...

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Transparency In The Business Of Internet Marketing

If you’re even minimally involved in marketing, you know that advertising and mass marketing are undergoing major changes. Have been for some time. We have become so inundated with constant marketing messages that we have become quite efficient at tuning them out. Not only is there too much noise, but mass marketing interrupts us, generally at the most inconvenient times – think TV commercials. The worst part about this mass of advertising? A high percentage of it is simply irrelevant. The person hearing/seeing the message is not the target market. So we have lots of noisy messages that interrupt...

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Top 10 Uses For The Yellow Pages

    For many of us that get bombarded on an annual basis with the typical 6 inch, thick, yellow paged book from yester-year and do not feel comfortable with tossing it in the trash for fear getting attacked by many trees. Here is a list of the Top 10 uses for the books: 10. Use many of them together as building blocks to for an incredible play house; 9.   Ideal book to place on top of head and walking for practicing balance and poise; 8.   Door Stop; 7.   Conduct annual Yellow Page Book throwing contest;...

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How To Become A Twitter Rockstar – Sort Of

I am pleased to be here writing my first ‘official’ ProspectMX blog post on a subject that I truly love – Twitter! If you’re not quite sure what I’m talking about, maybe we should start with a brief explanation. Twitter is a ‘Micro-Blogging’ / Social Media, kinda thing. You can follow people that interest you… and “Tweeple” can follow you. I know that’s a pretty basic explanation… but I have lots to cover so moving along.  I’ve been using Twitter since March of ’07. Now that the company is on the radar, and even CNN & Fox News have...

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