Author: Jonathan Bentz

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make With PPC

About the guest poster: Mike Fleming stays on top of the latest strategies in Paid Search and Web Analytics to make sure every campaign he manages for Pole Position Marketing brings measurable, profit-maximizing value to their company and their website visitors. Mike enjoys playing, writing and recording music along with playing basketball to get his workout in. He resides in Canton, Ohio with a beautiful, sweet, caring and admirable girl who threw a snowball at him one day… then married him.   There are lots of mistakes that one can  make when trying to build a PPC account; and...

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Tips For Preparing Your E-Store For International Customers

Want to take your website global but not sure where the best ecommerce markets are or how to attract international customers? Below, in this infographic published by Brokers Worldwide – an international provider of mail services – you’ll find a list of tips and tricks for attracting international customers to your site. With shopping cart abandonment at an all time high and international e-retail markets exploding you don’t want to take that first step toward going global before “checking out” these secrets to beating your...

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The Cheat Sheet For Link Building Using Pinterest

  There’s a lot of chitchat amongst the throngs of social networking-philes about the rise of Pinterest this year as a player in the social media universe. While there are still tons and tons of consumers seeing their Facebook and Twitter friends (mostly female) using Pinterest who want to get in on the “pindemonium” (cheesy – sorry), the internet marketing community is actively trying to figure out the best way to leverage Pinterest and its reported ability to drive more referral traffic on the web than Twitter as a way to aid client campaigns. There’s no question that there are...

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How LinkedIn Are You?

    We all know that LinkedIn is a great networking tool used to get connected with past and present colleagues and classmates. The outlet is often referred to as “Facebook for professionals” because business leaders can power their career and obtain inside connections for job searches or new business ventures as well as having the ability to share and obtain advice from other industry leading experts. What most professionals fail to recognize, however, is that you are 40 times more likely to turn up in search results if your profile is a 100% complete. Having a 100% completed...

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