Author: Ashley Lichty

Fun Easter Facts

As evidenced by a rather un-busy drive to work today, many people are enjoying a nice day off for Good Friday. Not for those of us hard at work behind the PMX walls – churning out content, building links, managing campaigns and all that. And eating ice cream sandwiches! (Thanks Jeff!) I’m always a fan of light Friday posts – so I spent some time digging up some cool Easter facts. Or perhaps ‘cool commercial Easter facts’ is a more accurate term. Either way, here you go. Hope you have a very happy Easter, Passover or whatever holiday you...

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10 Steps For Overcoming Writer’s Block

It’s pretty pathetic when the “content manager” of an internet marketing company has very few posts on said company’s blog. So, I’m trying to rectify the situation. It’s time to step up, put my blogging hat on, and get to work. I’ve been told by many different people that I’m a good writer…but I personally don’t feel as though I’ve actually proven it. Sure, I’ve written some articles, posts, website copy and even ebooks, but a lot of the stuff I write that I really like never winds up seeing the light of day. So I’m making 2009 my...

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