Author: Ash.O

8 Uncommon Common-Sense Business Tips

  Professionalism. Business Etiquette. Manners. Common Sense. All of these terms, at one time, were measurements of character, standards of behavior, and guidelines for appropriate conduct in certain situations. Whether an employer, employee, colleague, or consumer, we come into contact with “business” every day, even if it’s just on that last minute run to the grocery store or gas station. Every once in awhile, it blows our minds. Strolling into meetings 20 minutes late or blowing them off completely, being rude to customers and colleagues, using the office as a playground for juvenile games and a personal call center....

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Waiting To Talk Is NOT Listening: 7 Tips For More Effective Conference Call Communications

Editor’s Note: This blog post was a tag team effort by “Ash.O”, our Client Experience Manager, and “Sarah H.”, our Executive Administrator. One word – Communication. If it seems so simple, why isn’t it? Communication is a complicated process. You have to not only listen to what the other party is saying (as well as what they are not saying through their body language and intonation), but you also need to react to what they have said with something of your own. A statement, comment, or question indicating you have indeed heard and understood what they have said, while...

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